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Book Review: Affrilachian Tales
By: Staff at

Lyn Fordís collection of "Affrilachian Tales: Folktales from the African American Appalachian Tradition" gives readers a good overview of stories from a strong American (U.S)tradition that draws on so many other international traditions. It is fun to read and the story notes give a mix of home-spun reflection and good pieces of research.

When you get your copy of the book, you might be tempted to just jump right into read the stories. We suggest that you donít do that. Rather, enjoy a journey through the authorís explanation of "Affrilachian" and her own reflections about culture in the preface and the "personal history" she includes at the start of the book. We found that reading these chapters first enhanced our understanding of both the stories and the notes that followed.

If you are familiar with folktales and storytelling, this book will create moments where youíll think to yourself, "Iíve heard stories like that before." Good stories travel through time and cultures and that is evident in this collection. For example, take a look at Fordís "Oh, John, No!" and compare that to the Grimm folktale (143) of "Going Traveling."

The book is filled with entertaining tales that are appropriate for most groups. Youíll find a mix of animal and trickster tales, some spooky legends of the dead and living and even a few stories where the young learn good lessons or deliver some wisdom.

Storyteller Lyn Fordís book is available both in paperback and Amazon Kindle.

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