Amphitheater Podcast

sean buvala in front of a microphone attached to a holder on a desk. He is smiling so you know he's a nice guy. giggle.
Sean Buvala directs most of the Amphitheater Interviews.
The Amphitheater is one of the oldest podcasts on the internet. Actually, we were creating the Amphitheater before the word “podcast” existed, somewhere around 1998 was the first work.

Our content is both from the past, present and we’ll be here in the future. Enjoy.

Here (as we rebuild the page) you will find tons of interviews, discussions, stories and full-sets of programs. The format of most content is .mp3 style, but you’ll find a variety of other formats including .wma and .rm (we told you we’ve been around for a long time.)

Please be patient. Transferring this treasure of material is a manual process.

Amphitheater Podcasts Currently Available On This Site:

Podcasts Available Off Site”
Story on Saturday” (Family Friendly (older kids))