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Little Pink Fish (Excerpt)*
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Judith Black Wins the Massmouth Contest, 2010
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New Amphitheater: The Name of the Helper
Posted 2015-03-28 by SNStaff
Spin your time into gold. "The Name of the Helper." Brand new! Five storytellers tackle one fairy-tale type, telling folktales from around the world. Audio of concert, audio of discussion, audio of individual stories, to »more

New Amphitheater Podcast: WVAC Storytelling Concert
Posted 2015-03-18 by SNStaff
We’re very excited to bring you the complete recording of the StoryRise concert from the "West Valley Arts Council’s" ArtsHQ event back in the beginning of March 2015. Featuring a great mix of both personal and »more

CD Review- Animal Torah
Posted 2015-02-12 by SNStaff
We’ve take a look and listen to the latest CD by storyteller Anna Sobel. "Animal Torah" has fun stories from the book of Genesis. It is a fun story-and-music treat for the young storytelling connoisseurs in your life You »more

Personal Storytelling? Take Our Sea-Glass Workshop!
Posted 2015-01-17 by SNStaff
Personal storytelling can be some of the most compelling storytelling or it can be a storyteller just dumping on an audience. What is the difference? Storyteller.net director Sean Buvala has developed a way of looking at »more

Book Review: You Are Special Just the Way You Are
Posted 2015-01-08 by SNStaff
You Are Special Just the Way Your ARe Reviewed by Sean Buvala on Jan 14. Fun, engaging children’s book helping kids to understand their self worth. Memorable collage illustrations. Rating: 4.1 We’re taking a »more

Book Review: Playing with Stories by Kevin Cordi
Posted 2014-11-19 by SNStaff
We’ve reviewed the latest work by storyteller Kevin Cordi. Looking at his new "Playing with Stories" book, we said: While the idea of starting a story "in the middle" is not a new idea to story crafters, being giv »more

The Story of the Jack O’Lantern
Posted 2014-10-30 by SNStaff
"When you carve those hideous faces...." Day four of our Storyteller.net Halloween set of stories. Oh, do come and "enjoy" these audio stories. Today, Judith Black tells you the story of the Jack O’Lantern in her own uni »more

Chickens Invade Our Halloween Stories
Posted 2014-10-29 by SNStaff
Yet another story added for our Halloween Series. Wednesday we mix it up with some storytelling that’s a little lighter. Priscilla Howe tells her story of "Chickens" for your entertainment. A new story everyday this week »more

More Halloween Stories
Posted 2014-10-28 by SNStaff
After yesterdays story of "La Llarona" by Mary Grace Ketner, we find more storytelling by Glenda Bonin sharing her Old-West inspired story of "Cold Feet." You know you can hear these great stories now, compliments »more

Halloween Stories 2014- Drip by Drip
Posted 2014-10-27 by SNStaff
We’re dripping Halloween and seasonal slightly-ewwy stories out to you all this week. Come hear the first one now. It’s free of charge, of course. Use this link now. Featured tellers include: Judith Black, Sean Buvala, P »more

Artists! Get Marketing Guidance and Training!
Posted 2014-10-24 by SNStaff
Performing artists and teaching artists! More bookings? Better connection to your clients? More chances to share the wisdom and knowledge you have with your great audiences? We’ll teach you how. Start with our 8+ we »more

CD Review: Did You Hear That?
Posted 2014-10-19 by SNStaff
Come join us as we look at Montreal storyteller John David Hickey’s latest CD of spooky-season storytelling: Did You Hear That? Containing a mix of tales for both fans of folklore and those who like the more real-life »more

New Article- Histrionics in Storytelling
Posted 2014-10-11 by SNStaff
We’ve posted a new article from our series running in our newsletter. Sean Buvala talks about "Histrionics in Storytelling." He writes, "Unlike actors, storytellers always let the interchange of energy between the a »more

Book Review: Dancing at the Crossroads
Posted 2014-10-02 by SNStaff
We’ve reviewed Lorna MacDonald Czarnota’s book about storytelling with at-risk youth. "Probably the most direct review that I could give this book is this: If I were still in the day-to-day work of direct servi »more

New CD Review- Clouspinner and The Hungry Serpent
Posted 2014-10-01 by SNStaff
We’ve taken a look at a CD of storytelling and music for children, produced by storytellerBeatrice Bowles and team. Titled "Cloudspinner and The Hungry Serpent," we think it’s great for the dream images of young children »more

New #NSNStoryCon2014 Interview with Priscilla Howe
Posted 2014-09-23 by SNStaff
Let’s talk story poems. Long-time Storyteller.net directory member (and supporter and presenter) Priscilla Howe sat down with Sean Buvala at the "National Storytelling Network’s" annual conference in the Summer of 2014. »more

Do You Get Our Useful Enewsletter?
Posted 2014-09-22 by SNStaff
Do you get our weekly Email newsletter? We’re running a series at the moment taking you through essential storytelling skills letter by letter. Join us. Others say, "I’m glad you are providing this series to aw »more

Amphitheater with Caleb Winebrenner from #NSNStoryCon 2014
Posted 2014-08-23 by SNStaff
Sean Buvala interviews storyteller Caleb Winebrenner who was a first-time attendee at a National Storytelling Network’s Summer Conference. They talk about Caleb’s impressions of the conference and a bit about the integra »more

Amphitheater: Sam Payne from The Apple Seed
Posted 2014-08-13 by SNStaff
Sean Buvala sits down, late at night, with the host of "The Apple Seed" storytelling radio program from BYU.org. Storyteller Sam Payne shares his thoughts about the diversity and abundance of content from the stor »more

STEM or STEaM? Latest Podcast with Carolyn Stearns
Posted 2014-08-03 by SNStaff
Do you do much with STEM or STEaM education? In our latest Amphitheater podcast from the 2014 ‪#‎NSNStoryCon‬, we interview Carolyn Stearns. There is a big chunk of conversation about her work with STEa »more

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