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Summer 2012 Coaching Special.
By: Staff at

Summer 2012 Coaching Special.

Everybody needs a little boost and here in the dead of Summer (at least in our part of the world,) thereís a bit of slowdown for some and a chance to tweak on that "one thing" youíd like to think more about. How about some affordable private coaching? How about naming your own price?

For the first six people who take advantage of this offer, you can "name your own price" for a 45-minute telephone coaching session with director Sean Buvala. Seanís a very practical how-to coach and an active storyteller for 26 years. Seanís normal rate for telephone coaching is $125 per hour.

For your price set between $5 and $66, use this "add to cart" button:

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Alternatively, you can order Seanís "Storytelling 101 Eworkbook" kit that currently includes a telephone coaching session with Sean. The price for that kit is $67 and you can purchase it at

You can name your own price and purchase a telephone coaching session with Sean Buvala. The session will last 45 minutes. Sean will contact you via Email to set up your appointment after your fees are received. Your time must be used in a single session and that session must take place before August 30, 2012. You will call the office at a "623" area code for your session. Any costs or fees for the phone call are entirely yours alone. You may discuss any subject with Sean regarding your work with storytelling, public speaking or marketing. This session will not be recorded. This offer is only for the first six people who respond and pay their fee and is subject to cancellation at any time. Your session is for one single individual to speak with Sean in the conversation.

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Name: Staff at
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