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CD Review- No Tricks, Just Magic
By: Staff at

"Are you hungry, my dears?" So asks one important character of another as we nibble through the fun and well-told collection of stories that are featured on the latest CD from Megan Hicks. "No Tricks, Just Magic" features five fun fairy tales that are sure to satiate your hunger for traditional stories.

We would like to suggest, however, that you begin your aural feast with Meganís "bonus track" of the "Shoemaker and the Groundhogs." While we believe that in this CD Megan is stretching out a bit from the content of her other collections, we think you will appreciate first the story where Megan stays in touch with one of her signature specializations- slightly warped fairytales reimagined with groundhogs as the main characters. Currently, with the glut of professional storytellers, we think it is most important that listeners find the unique flavor of each teller. In her remake of the Shoemaker featuring groundhogs, you get to know the storytellerís perspective just a bit better.

The other tales in this collection are free-flowing and will feed your need for complex tales given some unique flavors. Meganís characterizations of the different players in each story are done through simple inflections and pacing, each with just enough spice to not overpower the rest of the story meal.

One non-story piece on this CD caught our attention. The cover design does not directly relate to any of the five stories. There are no rabbits or magic tricks- just as the title of the CD suggests. Megan has told us that the cover and title reflect her understanding of fairy-tale telling rather than a direct introduction to the tales on this specific CD.

If you are hungry, my dears, for nuanced tales and telling, this collection from Megan is a good choice. Fairytales, when told by a master as they are in this collection, transcend age ranges. We think all of your family from preschool to grandparents will appreciate the treats from this platter.

We received a complimentary CD in order to conduct this review. Links on may be affiliate links.

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