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Book Review: More Spooky Texas Tales
By: K. Sean Buvala

We are reviewing "More Spooky Texas Tales" authored by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore.

There are some stories that, once your hear them or read them, they just crinkle up and sneak into the back of your mind and hide there. They make you check the closets in the house one more time or ask yourself, "What was that sound?" as you take out the trash or take the dog for a walk. You will find tales like these in the new "More Spooky Texas Tales" by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore.

Taking cultural folklore stories of the Southwest and resetting them into the written word, the authors are helping to preserve some fine traditional stories while giving them the modern bent today’s readers need. All good story collectors have done this, including well-known collectors such as the Grimm Brothers. Resetting tales to speak to the current generation is the job of the interpreters. Tingle and Moore do that well in this little book. While the authors are specifically setting the tales in Texas, alert connoisseurs of stories will recognize and appreciate that some tales have been adapted from other parts of the world from other points in time. As you read, it is fun to think of classic stories such as "Mary Culhaine" with a slight Texas twang to them.

Along with good black-and-white drawings liberally presented throughout the book, young teens through adult readers will enjoy this collection.

Texas Tech University Press, who sent us a complimentary copy of the book for review, publishes the book. Get your copy of the this collection at today.

This review was published 4/2011.

Author Information:
Name: K. Sean Buvala
The contents expressed in any article on are solely the opinion of author.

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