Storytelling with Teens

Stories can engage and inspire young people, helping them to learn and grow. Oral storytelling with teens is a great place to start if you want to connect.

Oral storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to connect with the picture in yellow hues, there is a teenager seen from the back. the teen is wearing a yellow and white hoodie and appears to be looking up the staircase they are walking on

When told well, stories can engage and inspire young people, helping them to learn and grow.

There are many benefits to using oral storytelling with teens. Stories can:

Help teenagers learn about themselves and the world around them.
Stories can provide teenagers with a safe and engaging space to explore their experiences and emotions. They can also help teenagers to learn about different cultures and perspectives.

Encourage teenagers to be creative and imaginative.
Stories can spark teenagers’ creativity and imagination, helping them think outside the box and develop new ideas.

Build adults to build relationships with teenagers. Stories can build trust and rapport between teenagers and adults when told well. This can be especially important for teenagers who may not feel like they have a voice or may be struggling with difficult issues.

If you are interested in using oral storytelling with teenagers, there are a few things you can do to get started:

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3 Things to Know About Bedtime Stories

Let’s not forget the benefits to parents of storytelling with their children. Whether you read books or tell stories, you slow down and bond with this little one you love. Take the time in the evening to snuggle with your child.

Most every parent knows the request for “I want bedtime stories, please.” issued by their little ones. So here are three tips about bedtime stories that are fun for you and them.

1. Learn to tell stories and not just read them.the cover of the daddyteller book features a man and boy in white shirts and blue jeans. the man is kneeling down in front of the standing boy and their foreheads are touching face to face

You are not limited to the books on your shelf from the bookstore or library. Stories existed and were passed on well before cheap printing was available. So put down the book and give your kids the gift of looking them in the eye while you talk with them. Learn to tell, not just read stories, to your children. Explore guides like the “DaddyTeller” ™ book that teaches Dads (and Moms, too) how to be heroes to their children while passing on family values through a straightforward story at a time.

2. Storytelling improves literacy and math skills.

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