Six More Storytelling Tips

These six small storytelling techniques can make a difference in how effective and entertaining your storytelling can be.

an illustration of a stagelight shining down on a dark stage with storytelling tips tile Let me share a few simple storytelling tips to strengthen your presentations. While these ideas are probably not brand new to you, I hope this list might make you think about your oral storytelling approach.

Do Just a Little More Research

From personal stories to world tales, there is almost always that “one more” detail or interpretation that can add more depth to your story. As a practitioner of oral storytelling, you’ll be a better teller when you use a variety of sources to make your story more thorough. As you craft a personal tale, ask that friend for their insights into the tale that is part of your shared history. With world tales, there is almost always another variant of any tale you might encounter.

Take That Extra Practice Moment

Before you take the stage, stand up in the boardroom or call students to attention, take that extra moment to run through the events of your story. What happens from part A to part B to part C and onward? Use your time in

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Sean Buvala

sean buvala stands at a microphone with his hand on his headStorytelling Saves the Day.

Since the mid-1980s or so, Sean Buvala has been connected to the art of storytelling. He started working with the art form when a group of 13-year-old students were just a bit homicidal (comically, but you never know) during some of Sean’s classes. Working with a story out of pure desperation, he converted those kids from budding criminals (not really, but maybe) to practitioners of the fine art of storytelling. Well, that is how he remembers it.

Storytelling. Publishing. Communication.

Sean tells stories that range from simple fable to complex personal tales. He’s most at home telling stories the audience doesn’t expect but probably needs. You’ll find him most immersed in “inappropriate folktales appropriately told.” He works with adult audiences in a variety of settings. Most of his work these days is as the publisher at “The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC” in Arizona, where he’s helping new authors speak their stories in person and print.

Diverse Audiences.

Sean has been presenting and storytelling “on the road” for decades. He’s traveled to perform and present workshops in most of the United States and to hundreds of organizations in those states. His audiences have ranged from just a few people gathered in a living room to several thousand teens and adults. Both national organizations and local groups have experienced Sean as a teller and workshop leader.

Sean’s experience also involves training and design for the telecommunication and hospitality industry. He is especially good for the entrepreneurial and start-up communities. He’s done customer service instruction/team development for companies ranging from government to faith-based organizations to major corporations.

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