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Pete Griffin

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Pete is a gifted speaker and storyteller whose soothing voice and relaxed manner puts audiences at ease. He tells stories about his career in the US Forest Service, focusing on the power of stories to pass along culture and traditions from one generation of employees to the next. Many of his stories include the humor found in being a "minor government bureaucrat" caught between management of natural resources and the political realities of working in the capital city of Alaska. He tells stories about his experiences in the woods and on the water, bringing to light enchanting stories about the often overlooked ecological roles, functions, and social importance of many plants, animals, and birds. And he tells stories about growing up in Upper Michigan, the lessons of life he sometimes (well... mostly!) learned the hard way.
Since 2011, Pete has been telling his outdoor and natural history stories aboard Disney and Princess cruise ships plying the waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage. His well-attended presentations in the ships’ 1000-seat theaters are educational and entertaining, giving passengers insight into life on the Last Frontier with its unique glaciers, forests, and wildlife.
Pete delivered a keynote address at the National Association for Interpretation Conference (2013), performed at the National Storytelling Festival Exchange Place (2014), and has performed at festivals, conferences, libraries, and schools from across the country. He has two CDs of stories ("The Skunk Whisperer" and "Welcome to Alaska") on Road Candy Records and has two more in production, "Tales from a Michigan Childhood," and "Diary of a Forest Ranger."
Whether you are looking for a humorist, an educator, or insights into the power of story in any organizational setting, Pete will deliver.

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Contact Information:
Pete Griffin
8943 Tournure
Juneau, Alaska 99801

Country: USA

Phone: 907-789-1093

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