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Karol Brown: Historical Storytelling for Health Education
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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With r

Teller Name
Ralley, PhyllisIntroducing! Specializing in stories that connect us to the outdoors, the desert and the animals who live here. Performing all genre of stories I can theme them for your event....
Ramsey, Dr. GwynnDr. Gwynn W. Ramsey, Storyteller(Educator/Award-Winning Author/Researcher/ Naturalist), heard his first tales from his grandma when he was only a child living in the foothills of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. His life-long interest in folklo...
Regan-Blake, Connie Please see and hear Connie's interview at in our Amphitheater....
Rehnman, Mats
Reidy, EllyElly Reidy has been telling stories professionally since 1998. She tells across generations and cultures, looking for humor and the quarter turn of perspective in the stories she tells. “I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where the idea of trav...
Ress, Regina
Robison, Holly
Roe, Natalee
Row, John
Ruehlmann, Lynn
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