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The Best and Worst of Beasts

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Tellers - k

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List For Tellers With Last Names Beginning With k

Teller Name
Kallevig, Christine
Kaplan, Mabel
Keel, Lois
Kernaghan, Catherine
Ketner, Mary GraceWhether surrounded by folks on haybales at a festival, kids on carpet samples in the library, college students at a keynote, or families in the cushioned seats of San Antonio’s Majestic Theatre, Mary Grace Ketner brings listeners an elegant gift of s...
Kiernan, Charles
King, ChrisChris is a passionate storyteller who tells to all age groups and has developed special presentations for associations, organizations, and the corporate world. She tells tradi...
Kjolhede, Patricia
Knarr Gebert, CarolConnect to History through Stories! Carol specializes in historical telling for all ages. Experience the Revolutionary War through the eyes of Deborah Sampson and travel as a spy during the Civil War as Emma Edmonds, a woman who dressed as a man ...
Kopp, Audrey
Kruk, JonathanWhen I was born, an army brat in El Paso, Texas, a local bank presented a certificate noting my “birthright to tell the Tall Tale”. Growing up however, in the "suburbanian" hills of Westchester County, drove me to day dream. Later, I drove a V...
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