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Tell Me a Story!
By: Tom A.B. Taylor

Child to Adult

“Tell me a story – you promised you would

I did what I promised – haven’t I been good?
OK, then – I did it, now, you do it, too
It’s your turn t’do what you promised you’d do.”

“So-ooo…tell me a story that I’ve NEVER heard –
Tell me ‘bout a cat…who-oo-o…wants to be a bird!
…Or-r-r-r-rrrr…tell me ‘bout a li’l boy whose dinosaur ran away
‘Cause, see…uhm, too much TV – th’ boy had no time to play!”

“A-a-n-n-dddd, th’ dinosaur gets mad and runs deep into the forest.

Annnnnn-ddd, there are a thousand-cajillion birds in there all singin’ like a chorus

An…an…and then, yeah – ONE of those birds, see, USED to be a CAT
An-, see, uhm – yeah, that’s it – right – couldya tell me a story kinda like THAT?”

“You know, and then, the boy’s dog goes lookin’ for the dinosaur
But, see, th’ dinosaur is not in the forest any more -
He’s rented a boat down on the lake, and a moustache, too but y’can tell it’s fake
It’s hot and he’s sweatin’ tryin’ to row that sailboat with a rake”

“But… ‘member that cat, who’s in the forest as a bird?
Well, he changed back when the dog’s barking he heard
And that thousand-cajillion bird chorus…minus one?
Flew away - and the cat screamed at the dog, ‘Would you look at what you’ve done!’”

“But, I can’t make up stories, you know, like the way you do –
So, that’s why I’m askin’ – I mean – that’s Why I’m askin’ you
‘Cause you CAN make up a story – that NO ONE’s Ever heard
About a dog and a runaway dinosaur and a sometimes-cat and a sometimes-bird”

“And a little boy and too much TV, and a sailboat on a lake
And in the boat that moustached dinosaur, who was rowin’ with a rake
See, you can do that, I’ve seen you – you can do it in nothin’ flat
And, so, I’m jus’ askin’ again, wouldya…couldya tell me a story kinda like THAT?”

Author Information:
Name: Tom A.B. Taylor
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