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Calling Out A Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Guys

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Chester, the Wandering Ant

I’ll tell you ’bout a wandering ant…
Chester is his name
He loves to travel ’round the world
In search of friends and fame

He’s now in Venezuela
To see what he can see
He doesn’t speak much Spanish
Except a word called "Si"

A grasshopper stops by to ask
If Chester wants to eat
Some "pollo," which means ’chicken’
It’s such a tasty treat

"Si Si," says Chester, hungry now
He follows his new friend
They travel through a rain forest
And then around a bend

Up into great high mountains
And down to grassy plains
And soon they find the lowlands
That lead to dusty lanes

Si! Chester found his chicken
And now I’ll make you guess…
What does "Si" means in Spanish?
You’re right! Hooray! It’s YES!

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