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The Barking Mouse

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Elephant, Croc and Toad

Many years ago, believe it or not, the elephant had a little pug nose. It was a large beast, of course, and it roamed the jungles of Asia and Africa, hoping to become the king of all beasts!

Now it had not rained for some time, and the elephant decided to go down to the river for a drink. There, swam the long brightly green crocodile& back and forth...its eye out for a tasty bite of something!

Now it so happened that a brightly green toad liked to tease the would often hop onto its back and let the croc take it for a spin down the river.

Croc soon got tired of giving free rides and would often shake its body to rid itself of the toad pest. Unfortunately, it just could not.

So, each and every day it would yell out to the toad, "Get off of my back!"

Not only was the croc irritated with the toad, but it also resented that large beast of an elephant drinking the very water that it swam in each day...especially since water was getting scarce!

So, as soon as the large head of elephant would reach into the water for a drink& SNAP! The croc would tug at elephant’s nose.

Elephant would pull back to protect its little nose, but alas, each time this happened, Croc would tug a little more. It soon seemed as though elephant’s nose was becoming a hose!

"Le go of my nothe, pleathe," shouted the elephant, nicely, of course. Oh dear, poor elephant’s voice was changing as well!

"I thed, pleathe le go of my nothe!"

And with that, the elephant pulled away with all of its might!

Its nose soon drooped onto the ground. KERTHUD!

Elephant glared at the croc and that pesky little toad hopping along its back with glee.

Elephant then stuck its nose into the river and sucked what was left of all of its water, mud, and sediment... leaving croc and toad high and dry.

With one full blow of its nose, all water, mud, and sediment sprayed all over croc and toad!

To this day, this is WHY croc and toad are not bright green anymore. Instead, they are muddy looking due to their dastardly deeds.

As for elephant? It is still not the king of the jungle, but it certainly does not get thirsty very often nowadays!

@Pam Steadman, 1998

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