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A Loop of String

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Gecko On My Toothbrush!

This is a fun poem to read with children. Make a yucky face and do facial expressions while you read it: Stuffed toy geckos (lizards) can be found in craft and toy stores. Place one upon your toothbrush!


There is a gecko on my toothbrush
I donít know what to do!
There is a gecko on my toothbrush
Should I send it to the zoo?
It is so squiggly-wiggly
With eyes bright as can be
If I try to put it into a cage
Do you think itíll be mad at me?

My Mom says it really is friendly
It eats ants and little fleas
Perhaps I can teach it manners...
Like "No thank you" and "please."
I think I will just let it climb my walls
And live inside my home
But PLEASE donít eat my toothpaste
And leave my brush alone!!

Copyright Pam Munson Steadman. 2001

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