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The Return of Brigit OíHara (Ghost Tale)
By: Rob McCabe

(Rob McCabe)

Long ago in a small village in Ireland, there lived a handsome farmer by the name of Sian (pronounced Sean) OíHara. Sian was a wealthy farmer who was quite popular with the townspeople and the young girls but he was so particular as to whom he courted that he still hadnít found a woman suitable enough to be his wife. Years passed and no one thought he would ever marry.

All that changed however when he set eyes on Brigit Flaherty. Brigit had come to Sligo from Galway to visit her aunt and uncle and Sian had been in the village buying some feed and grain when he saw Brigit walking down the street. When he saw her his heart skipped a beat. Brigit was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen!!! She had a beautifully pale, milk-white face, long red hair that glistened in the sun. Her lips were soft, red and full like rose petals and she had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. They were emerald green and almost seemed to glow with an inner light.

After he had found out her name from the clerk in the store, he decided to pay the Flahertyís a call. They welcomed him warmly and after he had settled down at their table for tea. He heard Brigitís voice for the first time. Her voice was sweet and melodious and he fell deeply in love with her at first sight. Brigit, on the other hand wasnít too sure about him, however. Yes he was handsome, but handsome is as handsome does she had always heard and so she asked him if he would like to come again and pay her a call again. Of course he said, "Yes," and they met for many weeks after that. Brigit eventually found out that his disposition was as wonderful as his looks and eventually, just as the summer came to an end, Sian asked Brigit to be his wife. She agreed and they were married in the village church with the whole town celebrating with music and singing.

Sian and Brigit lived together for many happy years. She cared for him like a loving wife was supposed to, and he gave her all the love and tenderness that he could. There were many people in the village who saw their devotion as a sign from God that they were destined to be together. The were often seen in the village walking hand in hand, smiling at each other. At home, Sian would sit in his chair by the fire and read love poems to Brigit and Brigit would sing old folk songs a cappella. Many times they would simply sit together and do nothingójust being together was enough for them.

And so it continued for several years until one day, while returning home from town, Sian heard a crying wail of the banshee. it wailed so mournfully and he knew that the sound came from his farm. Hurrying the horse and wagon as quickly as he could, he got home and threw open the door. Poor Brigit lay on the floor by the fireplace, staring up into the air with dead eyes. The banshee shrieked once more and then there was complete silence in the little stone cottage until Sian screamed.

They buried Brigit in the graveyard and Sian was beside himself with grief. He mourned like a mad man. He was often seen in the graveyard, lying on the grave and crying bitterly. After several months Sian finally settled down into his routine.

It was a year and a day of the date of Brigitís death and Sian was sitting by his fireplace reading his Bible, when the front door suddenly burst open with a wild gushing wind and standing in the door was a figure dressed in a burial shroud. It silently glided in, and the door closed silently behind the advancing figure. The figure walked across the room and sat down across from him. He knew at once to his horror, that it was Brigit come back from the grave. He stared in horror as the shroud slowly fell away from her head. What he saw shocked him. What sat before him was a rotted corpse. The flesh had been completely eaten away. Her beautiful red lips had been replaced with the grinning teeth of a skull. Her lovely jade green eyes were completely gone and only two black holes with an eerie green fire-like glow stared out of her skull. Her red hair had turned a dusky brownish tint and Sian was filled with loathing.

Finally Sian spoke to the visitor.

" that you ?"

The figure nodded itís head.

"Brigit...what has happened to your beautiful red hair?í

The thing looked up at him and said,

"Gone and faded away."

"Brigit.....whatís happened to your beautiful green eyes?"

"Gone and faded away."

"Brigit, what happened to your beautiful red lips I used to love to kiss?"

"Gone and faded away."

Finally, Sian got up the courage to ask the question he needed answered.

"Brigit.....why have you come back?í

The figure turned itís head in his direction and said...

"Iíve come for YOU!!!!!"

(When telling this story, Brigitís voice should be a whisper when answering his questions. Even the last line should be whispered to add to the horrifying effect.)

Author Information:
Name: Rob McCabe
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