Privacy and Copyright Policy: Last Update December 2017.

Our policy is written in simple language. If you have questions, please address them to “We/Us/Our” refers to the staff of “,” “Creation Company Consultants” and the “Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group” “You/Your” refers to our guests, directory members, contributors and the general public.

We collect Email information on this site when you become a Directory member, subscribe to the newsletter, make a donation, add an event or enter a contest. We collect your Email address to communicate with you on an irregular basis. We never sell, rent, loan or give away your Email address to anyone outside of the organization. If you post an Email address with us, we are the only ones who will ever use it to Email you. Your privacy is important and respected by us.

About SPAM: We *do not* send Unsolicited Commercial Email (Spam). If you are getting Email about storytelling from us, everything we send was requested by you. All of our Email has a unsubscribe option. If you are getting Spammed about anything else, you are receiving “spoofed” Email that does not come from us in any manner. We have never sent unsolicited Email and we do not sell our lists or information.

Like most websites, we track our “traffic.” To do so, we use the services of and Google Analytics to tell us how many visitors the site receives, what keywords visitors use at the search engines to find us, which IP addresses some of our visitors come from and which pages our guests have visited. This information is used solely for our own tracking purposes and is used only to view the trends of all visitors on our site. We may sometimes make use of retargeting services via Facebook, but again your information is solely used by us. We do not use, need or want to use information on specific individual guests.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, your “clicks” on links in the newsletter may be tracked. We use this data to help us determine what information our guests enjoy reading.

Many links on our site may be affiliate links and we may receive compensation from the advertiser.

Please note: if you choose to be listed in our directory, your information is public and will be seen by others outside of our staff. We do not allow anyone not directly on our staff to “harvest” or “gather” information, including Email addresses, from our directory. If you as a guest wish to book individual tellers, you may contact them directly only for the purpose of discussing with the individual teller a booking or events directly associated with the art of storytelling. If you wish to sell something or some service to our tellers, you must use one of our approved advertising methods. Do not send SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial Email, regardless of how “pure” your intentions may be, to our tellers or guests.

If you ever use a credit card to make a donation via PayPal or or to buy merchandise from,, Stripe,, Teespring or, we at never actually see your Credit/Debit card number. No one from will ever ask for your credit card information through Email. Please visit the store for more information. I

If you pay for any product or service with a personal check, that check may be processed through our electronic merchant services, through the industry standard ACH process. In this process, your check may be deposited via electronic means.

If you send us an Email (or use the comment form) with a comment or suggestion, or win a prize from us, we reserve the right to publish the sender’s name and contents of said Email or the contest winner’s name in our news, articles or advertising without using your Email address. If you wish to remain anonymous in your contributions, clearly indicate this in your Email to our staff.

Copyright Issues: When you submit an article, audio or text story, tip, interview for the Amphitheater, participate in a TeleCourse or make any type of contribution to us, we reserve the right to republish the contribution in any fashion, without additional compensation, and in any media format as long as we acknowledge you as the author or teller. You maintain all copyrights to the materials that you provide to us with the understanding that you give us unlimited reprint rights in any media form. There may be times that the staff of and an individual contributor may reach another agreement in regard to reprint or republish rights but these will always be in writing.

As artists ourselves, we value and respect copyright and believe it is important that you and we agree on acceptable use before you contribute to us. We are not in the habit of randomly using contributed materials in a disrespectful manner. We make every effort to properly link credits to the contributor’s web presence.

The contents of this site are under various copyrights of the authors,, Creation Company Consultants, Center for Creative Ministry, Sean Buvala and a variety of others. Unless you are the author of a particular item, you may not reproduce our materials in any manner without our express written permission. You may not link to individual items in our database, link to our audio or video, use our coding scripts or present our site in any form of browser frame without our permission. Please Email to seek this permission. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to to (, or,,, or

Disclosures: We have various and varying relationships with a variety of merchants and affiliate programs. When you click a link on our site, we may or may not get an affiliate commission from your purchase. You are under no obligation to purchase any product or service through any link on our site.

We no longer provide any references for Oztheory in any format and have not been associated with that organization since August 2002.

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