Podcast Interview with Laura Simms

Laura Simms Interview*
With: Laura Simms

Our 1999 interview with Laura Simms. This interview is one of the oldest pieces of content on Storyteller.net. It’s currently only available in WindowsMedia, or the .wma, format. Most computers should play these fine, but on some systems you may have some issues.

Laura on “defining storytelling:”
I don’t know if I’m defining it and I don’t know if I’m seeing storytelling change. Maybe I’m seeing that the word storytelling encompasses almost everything in our world, any kind of communication or any kind of description within it. On one hand it encompasses everything because the only way that things work for us, in terms of perception or how it arises and we perceive it, is by constructing meanings so that there is always the kind of evolution of story as an art form.

There is a quality of recreation and performance, on the spot, spontaneous relationship to whatever audience there happens to be in the living arena. So I don’t consider sharing stories on internet as storytelling. I think that it’s sharing story text on the net.

But I think it’s the art form as a particularly living art form that occurs in the present, always has a quality of mutual responsiveness. And it has lot more to do with the presence and the kind of invisible qualities of it. In many ways it has to do with an outer performance than a memorized text. . .

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