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Parrot Who Bought a Load of Wood*
Told By Harriet Cole

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New! Storytellerís Journal #1
Posted: 2016-07-01 By SNStaff

Storyteller, who are you? Our brad-new write-in journal for storytellers is available at this link now!

Dozens of working artists from around the world share their thoughts and ideas, prompting you to journal about your work as an oral storyteller. Plenty of blank pages to create your own thoughts as well as spot-on commentary to learn about the oral storytelling art form.

cover of our storytellers journal book

Harriet Cole
Liz Weir
Megan Finnerty
Anthony Burcher
Richard Marsh
David Thompson
Ailsa Tudhope
Angela R. Hunt, Painted Lady, Queen of Shadows
MB Hoffmann
Penelope Starr
Marc Severson
Amy Oestreicher
Donna Washington
Laurina Bergqvist
Elly Reidy
Lyn Ford
Cassie Cushing
Mark Goldman
Andy Davis
Rivka Willick
True Thomas the Storyteller
Clodagh Brennan Harvey
Baba the Storyteller
K. Sean Buvala
Connie Regan-Blake
Robin E. Kitson
Pete Griffin
Laura Rutherford
Tony Toledo
Phyllis Ralley
Jack Lynch
Gladys Caines Coggswell
Carol Knarr Gebert
Pam Faro

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