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Our First Kidsís Book is Here!
Posted: 2015-09-26 By SNStaff

We are very happy to introduce to you our first kidís picture book from! "Apples for the Princess: A Fairytale about Kindness and Honesty" is now available on in both paperback and in the Kindle format.

Our story: Three young men journey to the castle of the princess to bring the healing apples that will make her better. Along the way, they encounter a stranger who seems to respond to each young man in a different way. Will any of them learn some manners?

This is a fairytale adapted by K. Sean Buvala and illustrated by Michelle Buvala using watercolor, acrylic, paper and cloth collages. Hand-crafted detail and color in full page illustrations.

Get yours today! Also, visit the site at for videos, resources and even free coloring pages for kids. Fun indeed.

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