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Sally (Ghost Story)*
Told By James Nelson-Lucas

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Interview With Rachel Hedman 2009
With: Rachel Hedman

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Welcome to the news archive for August of 2009.

New Amphitheater: Tim Ereneta Going Old-School On Fairy Tales
Free Telecourse (09/03): So, You Wanna Be a Professional Artist?
Free Telecourse: Sorting Out Social Media for Working Artists
Article: Storytelling Clubs for Children
New Amphitheater Interview- *The New Front Porch*
Two New Free Audio Stories from Indiana Bones.
Free TeleCourse: Making the Most of Social Media for the Working Artist
Amphitheater: Historical Storytelling for Health Education
Welcome Ning Readers
Free Telecourse! 10 Things Working Artists Must Do Get More Bookings
Amphitheater Interview With Working Teller Rachel Hedman

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