Leslie Slape

lslapeAward-winning storyteller Leslie Slape has told tales professionally for more than 25 years, but she really started when she was a little girl.

She has told at numerous small and large venues around Washington and Oregon. In 2011 she was the opening performer at a concert by Celtic storyteller-harper Patrick Ball. 

She has also performed alongside professional tellers Alton Chung, Will Hornyak, Tim Tingle, Kirk Waller,
Habiba Addo and Allison Cox.

Notable appearances include the Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles, Wash.; Hearing Voices Storytelling Festival in Washington County, Ore.; Tapestry of Tales Storytelling Festival in Multnomah County, Ore.; Folklife Festival in Seattle; International Festival in Longview, Wash.; Mount Hood Autumn Festival and the Winter Solstice Celebration at Oregon Museum of
Science and Industry in Portland.

In addition to a large repertoire of traditional folklore, Leslie writes original tales and songs, accompanying herself on the autoharp.

To honor her Russian-born grandfather, one of Leslie’s specialties is ancient Russian folklore, which she often performs in costume.

She teaches storytelling classes and workshops for all ages.

In 1994 she was honored with membership in the Order of the Laurel, a recognition of mastery of the storytelling art, in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Also a writer, her original story “Tale-Teller” appears in “The Healing Heart: Families” edited by Allison Cox and David Albert. Her essay “How to be a Storyteller in a Courtroom Setting” appears in “How to be a Storyteller …” published by Storyteller.net. Her book of folktales, “Jewels of the Night,” is available on lulu.com.

As a playwright, she merged her love of storytelling theater into physical theater productions based on folklore and myths from around the world, with a common theme of humanity’s stewardship of planet Earth. 

Contact Info:

Leslie Slape
74283 Fern Hill Road
Rainier, Oregon 97048