Jeff Gere Yakkity Yak- Talkin’ ‘Bout Tellin’

With: Jeff Gere 

Jeff Gere is a storytelling tempest, a griot, a squall and a bolt of creating who shocks and delights. That’s a good thing for all of us. To truly understand how Jeff relates to story and storytelling, you need to sit out in front of his house in Hawaii, on the carport, while Jeff, as loudly as if he were on stage, sings/tells a story. As I sat there, I noticed that not one neighbor looks out the window. Not one neighbor called the cops on this noisy man who is proclaiming myth and legend on his lawn. They are used to this wild, gifted and talented storyteller just bursting into story at any point. Loudly. How good it would be for any of us to be so well known by our own neighborhoods.

On stage, Jeff is a master of the moment, fully engaging his audience, using that rubber face of his and his even more elastic voice to create dark moments, fun moments and surprise moments when you think , ‘Wow! What was that?’ And then, as quickly as that moment fades, another sound and another look from Jeff leads you to a kairos of storytelling excellence.

As a storytelling producer for the Talk-Story Festival in Honolulu, Jeff seeks out all types of storytellers, divergent in their differences of technique, aura, story choices, ages and experience. Everyone who has the chops has been welcome to his stages over the last 19 years. Many mainland storytelling producers should come sit at the foot of his TalkStory festival stage and see an inclusive vision come to life of what storytelling in a community truly should entail.”
Sean Buvala, Executive Director for

In our latest Amphitheater at, the stage is lit, bare save for the teller and musicians. Reflecting on storytelling itself, storyteller Jeff Gere, from Hawaii, takes you on a journey of life and legends, filling the stage with people and places not yet seen. Jeff masters the depths of his voice in dialect and energy. creating some of these stories in the moment. Be ready: listening to Jeff is a whole-mind experience, one you might find hard to do “in the background.”

Jeff is assisted in these stories by: Les Adam on piano, Vince Esquire on guitar, Alana Cini on didgeridoo and Sandra Lee Akaka on percussion.

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Part One: How I Became a Professional Storyteller
Part Two: The Storytelling Suite
Part Three: Bike Story
Part Four: The Storyteller
Part Five: Embarrassed Daughters
Part Six: Time

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