Category: Text Stories

Ant and Honey

Then one day the ant noticed something strange. It seemed as though while many were leaving in search of food as usual, fewer appeared to be returning as the day progressed. It shrugged this observation away immediately and went out into the Way with its fellow workers.

The Shoes

One day as I was on my way to the store for my mother’s order of a poke of potatoes. I came to this old man lying in the road. He had an ugly bump on this forehead. As I got closer he tried to sit up shaking his head. I asked if I could help.

Rocking Chair

We were very pleased with the chair and wondered why the previous owner had not repaired it instead of tossing it away. After a few days, the squeaking became somewhat louder. I was considering tightening the joints, but decided to see if the squeaking would get worse.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

She gladly began to dig a little deeper into the pastry box to find a chocolate dessert. It was a little slow that day, so she could take the time to treat the man’s request with some respect. When you only serve 385 meals in an hour instead of normal 600, you have a moment or two.