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About Hans Christian Andersen

Andersen’s writings were unique not just for the expression of a childlike perspective, but also because of his way of animating the inanimate – flowers, toys and everyday objects came to life and spoke. Animals also were given the power of speech, and all of this serves to make Andersen’s work refreshing and new even after so much time has passed.

Act It Out

This episode reminded me that to find the voice, I must consider the character in toto. Voice distinction is not limited to age, gender, and locale. Rather, it is found in the total make-up of the character

Laryngitis Amongus- Tips and Suggestions

Recently, right before a gig, I woke up unable to talk. Oh, I knew something had been brewing in my body, as I had felt in ill health for a day or so. In fifteen and more years of speaking, I had never had a case of laryngitis. Was it time to panic? “Where could I turn? What can I do? Who will pay the rent? Save me, my heroes.”

How to Tell a Tale

Different personalities tell stories differently. Storytelling is diverse as the storytellers. The most important thing is to find a presentation style that suits your personality. With this said there are a few general techniques to consider: