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Rocking Chair

We were very pleased with the chair and wondered why the previous owner had not repaired it instead of tossing it away. After a few days, the squeaking became somewhat louder. I was considering tightening the joints, but decided to see if the squeaking would get worse.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

She gladly began to dig a little deeper into the pastry box to find a chocolate dessert. It was a little slow that day, so she could take the time to treat the man’s request with some respect. When you only serve 385 meals in an hour instead of normal 600, you have a moment or two.

Life: A Bouncing Ball

Life is like an acid ball. Many people in today’s world feel overwhelmed with the complexities and stresses that seem to invade their lives. Some feel they’ve reached that insurmountable wall, and give up on life. Others manage to look beyond immediate problems and see ways to turn negatives into positives. A good analogy is…

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