About Hans Christian Andersen

Andersen’s writings were unique not just for the expression of a childlike perspective, but also because of his way of animating the inanimate – flowers, toys and everyday objects came to life and spoke. Animals also were given the power of speech, and all of this serves to make Andersen’s work refreshing and new even after so much time has passed.

#NSNStoryCon with Sam Payne at The Apple Seed

It’s an hour a day dedicated to the art of storytelling…have fun. So, our, our goals have had not only to do with bringing to the radio the work of tellers who are working on stages and festivals all over the country and all over the world but also to find people who just have fantastic stories to tell. So, we’re working with professional storytellers, and again, people who are preparing material for the stage. But, we have also done some great interviews with folks who are treasure hunters or shipwreck divers or . . .

Act It Out

This episode reminded me that to find the voice, I must consider the character in toto. Voice distinction is not limited to age, gender, and locale. Rather, it is found in the total make-up of the character