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Ten Good Reasons to Tell Stories

Granny Sue says "storytelling brings the heart of the child alive in the adult," and she should know. She’s been telling stories "front porch" style to family and friends from her childhood to "grandparenthood." Here are her reasons why to tell stories.


1.Creates a warm social relationship between the teller and the listener.
2.Improves listening comprehension, a vital pre-reading skill for children
3.Introduces us to literature we may not be familiar with
4.Whets our appetite for further literary experiences
5.Introduces us to characters with whom we can relate
6.Has been the best tool for passing on the values and morals of families and peoples for centuries
7.Increases our understanding and awareness of our world’s diverse cultures
8.Keeps an ancient art form alive
9.Develops our mental imaging ability, another skill necessary for reading comprehension

And perhaps the best reason of all:
10.It is fun!


C.1999 By Sue Holstein. Granny Sue’s performances feature interactive and participatory stories, tall tales, folktales, Appalachian stories and lore, ghost stories and more. She delights children with the use of puppets, rhythm instruments, hats and other props. She has performed for audiences of all ages, and enjoys telling to adults and seniors as well as children. For further information about Granny Sue use the phone:(304)372-5861 Or be newfangled:

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