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Chickens! (And Other Stories for Young Children)

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CD Review- Animal Torah
By: Staff at

The latest recording project from storyteller Anna Sobel is a collection of scriptural stories for children, specifically taken from the book of Genesis. In many ways, "Animal Torah" is a classic example of solid storytelling for the young child. Funny, diverse and engaging for young minds, this is one that you can use in a classroom setting or just playing on the CD player for car rides.

the cover of the animal torah compact diskOur critical comment would be the design of the CD. It might appear a bit home-grown for some. While the argument can be made that it is a children’s CD, don’t let the artwork on the front lead you to think this is an amateur project. The technical work inside is professional and good, with some easy captivating music to go along with the stories.

Anna shows off her characterization skills again (our review of her previous CD) as each animal has a distinctive voice. As well, she lets these little monologues do the work of conveying the message of the story. This CD feels easy to listen to, even with its important underlying teachings.

We received an evaluation copy of this CD in order to review it.

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Name: Staff at
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