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Book Review: You Are Special Just the Way You Are
By: Staff at

"You Are Special, Just the Way You Are by Sandy Oglesby" is the first book for young children from storyteller and author Sandy Oglesby. If you want to fill your Kindle with an entertaining young-child’s book with a great little message, then this is the book for you. With a some laugh-out-loud funny illustrations, simple language and the gentle nature of Momma Frog teaching young Phibian the Frog, this book will become a read-it-again classic for your children.

the cover of the you are special just the way you are book by sandy oglesbyWe’re especially pleased with how well this story was adapted from Sandy’s oral-storytelling repertoire. The book is both a reflection of self-worth (without being a hammy "everyone’s a winner" vacant-applause fest) and a bit of nature education on amphibians in Arizona.

Don’t miss the adorable froggy-mask project at the end of the book. Even if you read the book on Kindle, the simple instructions can help you easily create this craft project with your kids. Grab a paper plate or two (you need one- play with your kid!) and have some fun with your child.

This book is a good read with the young child and the inviting illustrations make it one that even the youngest child can read (via pictures) on their own. Add it to your Kindle today.

From a storyteller’s perspective: It’s important to note that this book has been created from a story within Sandy’s regular repertoire in her work as an oral storyteller. We think more storytellers should follow her publishing lead with their excellent stories.

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Name: Staff at
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