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CD Review: Did You Hear That?
By: Staff at

Montreal storyteller John David Hickey has released his latest CD of spooky-season storytelling: Did You Hear That? Containing a mix of tales for both fans of folklore and those who like the more real-life adventures, will find that the teller (and guest musicians) does a nice job of moving his listeners through a variety of tales.

did you hear that storytelling see deeJD has a delivery style that is very direct, reminding one of storytellers of Celtic regions. Yet, thereís a playful undertone that gives his listeners a reassuring wink that things will all be fine in the end.

If we have a critical comment with this collection, itís the hit-and-miss quality of some of the audio recordings. A few pieces sound like they were recorded on better equipment ("Skeleton Woman") while others ("Lex and Devil") have so much live-recording echo that it takes a bit of effort to understand the story. This is not enough for us to dislike the overall CD, but we hope JD will look into consistent sound recording in his future releases.

This CD is best for teens and adults. Many of the tracks contain music and sound effects, creating a feel of old-time radio shows. Thereís even a bit of Canadian-influenced history here, too. Fans of creepy storytelling will be satisfied with their purchase of these stories.

The author sent to us a copy of the CD to facilitate this review. Reviews

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