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From the Winds of Manguito: Cuban Folktales in English and Spanish

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Book Review- Tales of the Sonoran Desert
By: Staff at

Reviewing: "Tales of the Sonoran Desert" by Dr. Joyce Story.

The use of "desert" as imagery for exploring "the next phase" must be as old as human history. In this collection of stories and tales, Joyce Story takes the reader through story-filled moments of reflection and inspiration, or "weavings," as she calls them.

Of course, reading her comments in the text, Joyce is correct that the Sonoran desert is not empty. The plants and animals that live there have inspired story and song for thousands of years. That process continues in the original poems and short stories written by Dr. Story.

There’s even a bit of the "just so" fable-feel in this book. Take a look, for example, at the story of how the anthropomorphic mountain lion takes on the cholla cactus. The story induces head-nodding for adults and it is instructive and fun for the kids.

The included collage-like pictures, created with some surreal play, are part of the experience of the book. While we know that this project is available in the Kindle format, we think that the full experience of the book is best obtained by holding the printed paperback in your hands. If we had a critical note about it, it would be that the text layout is bit dense and oddly spaced. This does not take away from Joyce’s good stories.

If you are a fan of Arizona, the southwest, the desert or stories, this is a good addition to your collection.

We were given a review copy of the book in order to review it. ( Reviews)


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