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Group Storytelling Coaching 2013
By: Staff at

Advanced Group Coaching for Oral Storytellers.
Avondale AZ Thursday, January 17, 2013. (Register link below at bottom of article.)

Future Dates:
Monday, February 11, 2013 (Click Here to Register)

Monday, March 11, 2013 (Click Here to Register)

Others Say:
"Shout out for Sean Buvala’s ’NoNonsense Story Coaching.’ I went to the first session last night and came away with new insights for new directions. Sean was, as always, utterly helpful and spot-on with his comments. Well worth the...trip."
-Harriet Cole

Others Say
Kudos to Sean Buvala for the Group Coaching session we just had in Avondale. The session helped me discover pieces I had not thought of before, and Sean’s questions were extremely insightful and helped me to begin to clarify an important aspect of my story. Thanks for your help, and for the suggestions from the rest of the tellers!
-Mark Goldman

Get your coaching in oral storytelling by an experienced expert. You participate in a group-setting led by Sean Buvala using his “Outside In” coaching method. You are guaranteed at least 30 minutes of coaching time focused on you and your stories. You’ll also learn even more as you participate in watching others be coached and giving guided-feedback to other tellers. Order of coaching determined by random draw at 7:00 PM.

Who should attend? Anyone working with oral storytelling in their lives and who want to work on specific issues in their storytelling techniques. So: storytellers, teachers, pastors, non-profit leaders, communication students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, actors, musicians, leaders of all types and positions. Come on over.


Thursday, January 17, 2013 7PM to 930 PM.

Hosted at:
Gangplank Avondale
525 N. Central Ave in Avondale, AZ 85323 (map)

Cost: $20 per person, prepaid.
There are no refunds for this payment unless we cancel the event which would be unlikely and unusual.

ONLY 4 Spots Are Available! First come, first served. Use this Paypal button below.

Your Coach:
Sean Buvala
Storytelling since 1986, Sean focuses his years of experience on your particular needs, bringing a direct-yet-supportive coaching system to your presentation skills. An accomplished and nationally-rewarded storyteller, Sean’s audiences range from corporate board rooms to high-school classrooms to working with children in libraries and schools. He is as comfortable with just a few people at an event to an auditorium of thousands of people. With his background and experience, there is a good chance he’s already worked with someone in your industry.

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Name: Staff at
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